Eric Binu

Published: 1986

Genre: Adventure Fiction

Awards: John Newbery Medal (1988) Golden Dome Book Award (1989)

Hatchet is a book that blends adventure and classic survival into one tale, full of twists and turns. It tells the story of Brian: a young teenager who gets stuck in the North American wilderness when the plane he’s on crashes, leaving him as the only survivor. Brian must then learn to survive with nothing but his hatchet, a gift from his mother before he left, as he waits for rescuers to find him. Along the way, he has to deal with bears, a porcupine, and even a tornado. While at the same time tackling hunger and thirst. Overall, Hatchet is a great book, that emphasizes values of self-determination and self-preservation and is a great read for all ages.

“Brian had gained immensely in his ability to observe what was happening and react to it; that would last him all his life. He had become more thoughtful as well, and from that time on he would think slowly about something before speaking.”