Started last year by Frontier Regional’s School librarian and library media specialist Zoe Keenan and student Chloe Felton with the help of a group of students, weekly Book Club: “Novelteas” has become a frequent meeting place for literary-inclined students. “When we all came back after Quarantine a bunch of kids wanted to talk about what they were reading and share.” explained Ms. Keenan, “A couple of them wanted to get a group together, but they didn’t want to do it after school, so we started holding book club during C-block.” Book club has come back in full force this school year, with consistent weekly meetings usually made up of 6-10 passionate members.

The group works together to decide what books to read together. By using a flexible schedule and the members having preferences on what books they read or pass on, Book club has become a welcoming space for all those who wish to participate. In the past, the club read Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson. A novel about an inner-city kid who’s trying to find her best-friend and is unable to find the support she needs because no one will take her seriously. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston, about a girl trying to find her place and found-family in New York CIty. Frontier’s Book club is currently finishing a unit dedicated to the works of controversial author E. Lockheart. Members picked one of her novels to read, with many choosing We Were Liars or Again Again. The club attempts to keep its members on track and organized with their individual reading goals by using book journals. This practice is a big hit, with tables covered in gel pens, markers, and weekly participation stickers.

In this increasingly technology focused age, Frontier Students find the book club as the perfect place to talk about their love of reading. Juniors Una Millette and Jillian Worden are fond of the changes happening in Book club this year. “It’s very fun. We adopted a new flexible format this year that is better, in my personal opinion,” said Millette. Worden agreed, “It allows everyone to participate even if they aren’t a big fan of the author or genre we are doing. There is such a variety.” When asked to use a word to describe their experience with Book Club: “Novelteas”, the responses were quick and passionate. “Lit” and “Amazing” replied Juniors Emma Graveline and Mae Hoff. Frontier Regional’s Book Club meets during C-Block every Wednesday in the LMC. It is the perfect spot for seasoned readers, those looking to begin, or anyone who likes gel pens. Although the conversations can veer from favorite books to parking spots, they are always happily welcoming new members.