The class of 2022 is full of excellent nominees for this year’s Senior Superlatives. Titles including “Parking Lot Menace”, “Most Likely to Be Famous”, and “Two Peas in a Pod” all had several fitting candidates, making for an exciting voting process. As the final voting round comes to a close, the prospective winners are on everyone’s minds. Heated debates over categories like “Most School Spirit” and “Class Flirt” have taken place over the past few days. Cam Pleasant, one of the two most voted on students for “Most School Spirit”, has quite strong feelings about the matter. When I asked Cam why he believes he should win the title, he was quick to respond with: “Because I go to every game that we have…and I’m a passionate-a** person.” When reflecting on the competition as a whole, Cam said “I think [we have] a unique bunch of kids, I think it’s an entertaining way to identify the class.” Finally, when I asked Cam about some of the specific superlatives, he has strong opinions on a few: “Parking lot menace…? That’s gotta be Kate [Broady] and Dan [Diemand]. Class clown is Andrew Corduff, not even close. Best Dressed is NAS BRANTLEY!! Everyone’s best friend is Pat [Boyden]. That one is also very obvious.”