By Brooklee Pierce

In the summer of 2023 Frontier Regional High School is planning a two week expedition to Dominica with Operation Wallacea, with other schools around the world. Dominica is a small volcano formed island located in the Caribbean. Operation Wallacea is a research and environmental organization that collects data in order to create conservation management goals for Dominica and several other countries. This educational trip is open to anyone who will be in  9-12 grade in 2023 and the cost is currently estimated to be $3,850 in total. All tuition fees directly fund the research done on sight. Frontier’s science teacher Ms. Chapley has further information and for any questions please contact her. 

On the trip, students will work side by side with scientists and grad students, on various aspects of field studies. These field studies include a full PADI open water dive training, Caribbean reef ecology, volcanology, and more. Students will also gain hands-on experience with conservation initiatives and research techniques used in a real environment. If you are planning on going to college in the future this would be a great experience to add to your resume. 

The first week in Dominica will mostly consist of rotating around each survey to gather information on species such as birds and bats. The surveys are divided into categories such as biodiversity research expeditions and are used to collect data about things such as population on the island. These surveys will take place in forest camps either located in Rosalie or Point Casse depending on how the groups are split. Even though the groups are split, each group will be learning and engaging in similar, if not the same activities. Usually in the evenings there will be lectures to help explain the event of the next day and how that will help the researchers. Students will also be traveling the island on the first week learning about the island’s history to help strengthen one’s idea of how Dominica came to be and how changes such as weather have affected the island in the long term. The second week of the trip will be focused on marine studies, and students will spend a lot of time in or by the ocean. 

To reserve your spot on the trip visit All students will be required to put down a $250 deposit to ensure their spot. For more information or questions please contact Ms. Chapley at