Alexander J. Frangie

The past two years have seen a pandemic unlike anything seen since the devastation of Spanish Influenza a century prior. As healthcare workers worked themselves to the bone trying to save patients inflicted with the virus, the prospect of the vaccine the arrival of a vaccine, and its current effects have become a political wagon that politicians jumped on treating it as a political weapon than a top priority of science and Medicine and when it was acknowledged as a top issue it was too late. Along with vaccines, the use of masks which people with right-wing ideals have fought against mask mandates as signs of oppression and damage to health even though they act as barriers to illness. America is like a painting, the people against vaccines, hypocritically stating they love it, but only contributing to its flaws rather than ensuring it remains a symbol for equality and humanity by people around the world are art vandals. America has the highest death toll from the Coronavirus surpassing seven hundred twenty thousand deaths. Yet our politicians who have become inept at their duty of refusing to fight the global pandemic and instead, focus on policies that create a further divide between Americans. The main factor driving Americans apart and creating the veil of ignorance is the overabundance of fake news or politically biased news providers who have an international reach and a large presence on television and your internet search engines. Social media has given billions the ability to share their opinions, but unfortunately many boil down to just that without any factual evidence or lack of truthful evidence with information coming from cites the best representative of their political ideals. Instagram stories, videos on your “For You page” on Tik Tok, and your search feed on Google are bombarded by heavily flawed and ultimately dangerous views that abuse the luxury the first Amendment provides us. Such criticism is often met by the arrogance of the author and their ilk culminating in death threats and discriminatory content. Although the modern image of America is in a continuously deteriorating state due to the ineptitude of the Gold Collar Society, and their focus on further dividing America through acts such as subjugating voting and abortion rights, and the expanse of fake news. Even then, we the newer generation of the American people have every constitutional and natural right along with the means to express our opinion and evoke the truth and overturn the flaws of mainstream society as we continue to grow and rise in prominence, and eventually, restore and fix the flaws of the painting that is America and American society.