By Eva Rice Howard

Halloween. You know it, and you probably love it. Perhaps you love it less than the ultra-marketed holidays such as Christmas or Easter. But Halloween is the way to go. This fall, remember to get into the Halloween spirit and be your spookiest self.

Halloween is modernly known for costumes, candy, ghouls and ghosts. But it didn’t always have the spooky reputation as it does now. Halloween began as a Celtic festival known as Samhain. They did wear costumes like we do now, but the purpose was to ward off ghosts instead of welcome them. 

The reason Halloween is so wonderful is because it embraces the spooky and macabre. Other holidays like Easter celebrate rebirth, and Christmas celebrates joy. But Halloween? Halloween celebrates fear. Ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and every scary thing you could ever imagine. It sends thrills and chills down your spine. It’s something different – something exciting.

One of Halloween’s most lovable traits is how it’s stayed more resistant to classism than other holidays. Christmas, for example, hasn’t. “Christmas spirit” has been overlooked by having the fanciest tree, the most expensive presents, and seemingly being the wealthiest. We’ve started to overlook the “true meaning of Christmas” to be able to brag. But Halloween does not have this same bittersweet taste. First off, you don’t have to buy anything for anyone. If you can’t afford to buy a fancy costume, make a sweet ensemble yourself! And, of course, YOU GET CANDY. 

As we get older, we generally start to think that we’re too old for halloween. We stop trick-or-treating and choose to stay in watching horror movies. But that’s just not right. Even if you feel too old to go around and get candy, you’re never too old to scare little kids! There is NOTHING better than a dark night in the street, filled with spooky lights and laughter, filled with the spirit of FEAR.  

Halloween is also notorious for its movies – the long-loved horror genre has taken great inspiration from the holiday season. My personal favorite is 1987’s The Lost Boys – a cheesy thriller about a gang of teenage vampires. If you decide not to go trick-or treating, there’s nothing more fun than staying in and spending the night watching thrillers. And speaking of Thriller – Halloween’s music is GREATLY underappreciated. Christmas music by far the more famous holiday genre, but spooky songs put listeners in the best mood ever. Classics such as The Monster Mash and the Ghostbusters theme are so fun to listen to. 

If you wish for more spooky songs, I’ll recommend some of my favorite songs that remind me of Halloween. First up – Dracula Teeth by The Last Shadow Puppets. A chillingly good song with an excellent bass line, and many ghostly references in the lyrics. Next – Boris the Spider by The Who. Classic rock’s contribution to the Halloween spirit. Third – What Are You Going To Be For Halloween? by Matthew Gray Gubler. Nobody gets in the Halloween spirit like Gubler. He’s even described the holiday as his nationality. A catchy and lovable tune that will bring back all the original things of Halloween night. 

As we get older, we think that we’ve grown out of Halloween. But you should never have that attitude for the most fun holiday of the year. From the original nostalgia of Halloweens past, to the familiar eerie feeling creeping back every fall, the spooky holiday season will always be great fun, and should never be forgotten.