Miah McCoy

I’m here to talk to you today about the cars in the parking lot at Frontier Regional High School, particularly the long lines while coming to and leaving school. I have heard many people complain about our school’s parking issues. I asked a few students from Frontier about their thoughts about the parking lot and long lines. The first person I spoke with on this topic was Summer Sobieski. Summer is a new driver who just got her license in October. I wanted to get her perspective on how she thinks and feels about student parking lot even as a new driver. Summer said, “I feel really scared in the parking lot at school because some people are really oblivious to their surroundings and there have been a lot of accidents so far and it’s only the beginning of the school year.” Next person I talked with was Mekia Anthony. Mekia has been driving for a while now and is very familiar with parking, when to stop, slow down, and when to be cautious. Mekia told me his car had gotten hit in the parking lot. He was walking to his car and he saw it happen right in front of him. I asked Mekia if his parents knew about the accidents at all and he had to say, “My parents did not know about any of the accidents going on in our school until I had to tell them that my car got hit. Now my parents want me to park all the way at the auto shop so my car does not get hit again, and in order for my car to get fixed it will cost about $200. People need to be more aware of their surroundings!” Ever since his car got hit about 2 or 3 more accidents have happened. I also talked to Jake Puchalski. Jake has been driving for a good amount of time as well but Jake mostly wanted to talk about the worst places to park in the parking lot and how we might need a bigger parking lot to stop a good number of the accidents. Here is what Jake had to say, “I would probably say some of the worst places to park in the parking lot would definitely be in the middle, and I say this because when school is ending no one pulls out of their parking spot where they need to be. They go everywhere and don’t pay attention and that’s how people get hit mostly in the dead center. I feel like having a bigger parking lot and bigger parking spaces would help a lot but at the same time I feel like people would still find a way to get into accidents at the school.” I can relate to what Jake is saying but sometimes making something bigger can’t always fix the problem. The last person I talked with is Molly Gates. She does not drive but she does get stuck in the long lines in the morning and after school quite often. This is what she had to say, “It is so ridiculous how I have to sit in that line for more than 15 minutes just trying to come to school and leave school and I’m late to some of my classes in the mornings because of it. I think the situation can be solved by having a police officer direct traffic. I drive and sometimes I can’t even beat the morning and afternoon traffic. It really is awful!” I think people at Frontier are mostly good drivers. We all just need to stop rushing and check our surroundings before anything bad happens! Inconclusive there are a few ways we could possibly change the bad ways in the parking lot.