By Meghan Self


With 8 seniors we had no shortage of veteran leadership. Olivia Deane, Reilly Isler, Abbe Roberts and Olivia Rosewarne were our captains this year. It’s easy to lead when everything is going well. But one’s leadership qualities are truly revealed when times are tough. Leading during a global pandemic surely fits that bill. Despite the corona virus they provided the best example of what Frontier Volleyball is about, on and off the court. They did it while wearing masks and reminded teammates to sanitize their hands during breaks. At practice they reminded a team of girls who were very close in proximity, to maintain that appropriate distance whenever possible. In the true spirit of leadership, they supported teammates through a hard time. Thankfully we all stayed healthy and we’re able to complete our season. I wish we had a “normal” season where they could just focus on volleyball and the team and enjoy their senior year.  Instead we had an unprecedented season with unique circumstances and I sincerely thank them for their leadership during the Fall 2 season. The team ended with 229 aces, 219 digs, and 235 kills in 10 games (each 3 sets).

Coach MacDonald


We finished 3-2. Overall successful season. Losing 7 seniors will be tough but we have something to build on. Our defense was the strength of our team.]

Boys Soccer

Thanks to the ensuing list of captains from this year’s soccer team. Cairn Bright is a junior who was an excellent leader in practice and kept the team focused on tasks. Payton Sladeski is also a junior who is a  leader on the field; he leads by example and is one of the most competitive players on the team. Tanner Finch is a senior who is a  great competitor as well as a player that the team leans on when we’re down. Gates Tuttle is a senior who is the ultimate competitor. Gates is the heart of the team and he directs our mood, our attitude, and our focus on the field.

Some of our highlights were; Tanner Finch led the team with 6 goals, freshman Devin Niles led all players with 10 points and 6 assists, 

Sophomore Brady Burch finished the season with 5 goals and 1 assist, Senior Adan Hernandez and 8th grader Owen Babb finished the season with 5 shutout wins as goalkeepers. We had a really positive pre-season for both varsity and JV, getting lots of young players involved and really building a solid foundation for the next 5-6 years of the program. I was very happy to be able to provide our seniors with a final season and the last week of the season was our best.

Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer Finished off their season with a record of 2-3