By Aine Carey

Frontier’s Annual Poetry Slam is coming up and the community is getting excited. Once a year, the poets of Frontier Regional get to compete and share their work. Hosted by Mr. DiDonna, one of Frontier’s english teachers, the Slam is open to absolutely anyone interested. In a year where artistic opportunities were few and far between, knowing the Slam is still happening has provided a sense of reassurance and hope for Frontier students. 

Genesis Locke, winner of the 2019 Annual Poetry Slam, is grateful that the Frontier tradition is finding a way to continue on this year. Locke has found that, “this year in particular, it’s really important to have opportunities like [the Slam] because so many of our usual arts opportunities…can’t happen this year…and it’s important to offer students a chance to express themselves artistically.” The Slam allows students to use their voice, show off their talents, and have fun in a creative and supportive environment. This tradition is well loved by many and Locke looks forward to competing again this year.

Frontier students aren’t the only ones looking forward to the Slam; the faculty loves it as well! Each year, teachers and members of the Frontier community are often given the chance to act as judges for the Slam. Whether a teacher gets asked to judge or not, they still get to listen to the poets and stay for the Slam alongside their students. Frontier health teacher Ms.Blair, is a huge fan of the Slam not only due to the inspiration the poets bring but also because of how the Slam can positively impact student’s mental health. Ms.Blair says that, “one of the best ways to offset the mental health impacts of this past year, is to express ourselves creatively.” The annual Slam provides the perfect occasion for creative self expression and it leaves audience members feeling empowered and amazed.

After a year of struggle, the Frontier Annual Poetry Slam demonstrates resilience and joy. The event captures the passions, emotions, and realities of many students and the artistry they bring to the Slam each year is a beautiful thing. This year’s Annual Poetry Slam is scheduled to take place virtually on April 16th.