By Malia Hanes,

Even though we’re stuck in the homes that are bounded by our own harm 

The lights are always calling out to each other 



until we can feel whole again 

Even though the isolation trickles down your spine 

falling into the locked away crevices of your mind 

that you hid for a reason 

everyone else’s ulterior motives have already been exposed 

it won’t hurt to allow yourself to be free 

While all your fears build up onto your chest 

prying into your heart for more secrets 

there’s a sense of safety in the calamity of it all 

For you can always close your eyes and pretend as if it’s all over 

when you open them it might hurt a little more but for the moment 

it’s the sugar rush that you crave 

on the days where 

there’s nothing you can do but check the news 

Refresh each passing headline until it all becomes a blur 

of rising rates and rising curves 

However soon you will remember 

that it will all be over

There will be a moment when you can finally breathe

Inhale the butterflies back into your chest 

That you threw outside of your house 

boarding all your windows shut to anything that could be a threat 

There will be a moment 

when the veins around your heart grip away from your chest 

you will feel as light as you once were 

because in your heart you know 

That this will all be over