By Abbe Roberts

Throughout these past few weeks I have been able to learn more about myself. I have been able to find my priorities and discover the environment that I thrive the most in. I have learned the importance of kindness and seen other’s kindness shine as well in a time when it seems as if it is the only thing we can give each other.

My entire school career I have put my education and athletics above my physical and mental health, resulting in several breakdowns and injuries. These past few weeks have shown me that when I allow myself to get proper sleep and allow myself to have a night on the couch watching a movie with my family, I am both healthier and happier. By not over-booking or overworking myself I am able to put quality hours into school work or other projects and end with something that I am proud of without breaking down. By having a few weeks off, it has shown me that my health and family are the most important things I have, and has made me reevaluate how I work and see myself.

I have also been able to realize that I work best when I set myself a schedule with due dates as I have terrible procrastination and need to hold myself accountable for daily checklists. Through scheduling I have also made days where I am able to do no work and spend the day relaxing with no stress. This has significantly improved my mental health as I am able to put my complete attention on myself with no one’s expectations looming over me.

A big lesson that many of us have taken from this is that we can never take for granted what we have. I have been able to realize how crucial my friends are to me and how much I look forward to seeing them everyday. I have come to realize that they are family to me and that I can never take a day with them for granted because that might be the last day I have with them. I have been able to see that kindness is the most important thing we can give each other because we all rely on each other’s kindness. We all rely on our support groups whether that be friends, family, teams, clubs, or other organizations, we rely on kindness. 

Without a doubt I am going stir-crazy but there are ways to escape such as going on walks or hikes so I am able to get some fresh air. Though I do wish this was under different circumstances, I have been able to discover more about my mental health and have been able to learn more about myself.