By Nagawang Deter

How many students actually use their school lockers? I know that I don’t even know where my locker is. Principle John Duellman of Rock Ridge High School estimates that around 90 percent of his sophomores, juniors, and seniors don’t use their locker. That is only 210 students out of their 2100  students. That is a horrible ratio and means that 1890 students are not using their lockers.

 The company “All American Lockers” states that school lockers are 56 percent of their school sales. That percentage is down 10 percent from 8 years ago. To build one high caliber locker that will last for more than 25 years costs $20. If future schools don’t have to pay for lockers they can spend that money on improving their school for educational purposes.

Frontier Regional School has 621 lockers which amounted to a total of $12,420. If we use the 90% that means that only 63 lockers are in use. I know I would not have time to stop at my locker in between classes to grab my supplies for that next class because we only get 3 minutes in between classes. Also walking across the whole school down three staircases and getting your locker items, that surely takes more than three minutes. 

Schools being built today all around the world should not install lockers into their buildings. The reason being is because the lockers are not used in today’s world and is a waste of space and money. The lockers can get expensive if you are trying to supply a whole school. Instead of wasting money on lockers they can help support sports and supply classrooms with better equipment. Removing lockers from this building can at the very least create a lot more space in the hallways.