By Chloe Marrapese

The LMC is looking for student design ideas for the LMC renovations happening in the near future. I interviewed some of Ms. Keenan’s VHS students to look at what some students feel will be helpful in the future. An area with raised tables and stools set up like a cafe with laptops, called a literature bar was a popular idea. There was also the idea of hanging egg chairs from the ceiling, and adding more comfy chairs. However, the LMC lacks the stable ceiling space to hang the egg chairs.

However, one idea really stood out. This was a comfy corner in the bookshelves with pillows and big couches. This idea could only happen if the student body can respect the space. We, as a student body, also feel that the green couches by the TV and in the reading room needs to be replaced. Adrienne Josephs comments that during community news, she noticed how uncomfortable the green couches by the TV really are. Finally, there was the idea of putting a mini Dunkin or Starbucks in the reference section of the library. Ideas are still being developed to provide the best environment for the Frontier community and work out any issues that may arise. I feel all of these ideas are important for the administration to hear, and hope to see some implemented in the future.