By: Joe Thomson

“Waiting Room,” is a powerful story, masterfully crafted by one of Frontier Regional’s best playwrights: Genesis Locke.

The play follows the story of the main character Margaret, who has just recently died and gone to an in between life and afterlife ‘waiting room.’ In this waiting room, Margaret (played by Genesis Locke) is forced to relive the last four months of her life.

These four months highlight Margaret’s relationship with her husband, George (played by Phaelon Koski), her great friendship with her closest companion: Ruby (played by Julia Walkowicz), and her dysfunctional entanglements with her sister and her sister’s husband: Alice and John, played by Caroline Moreau and Michael Trueswell.

Interactions with her children, Holly (Jolie Giordano) and Michael (Joe Thomson), and best friend Ruby are some of the few things that keep Margaret going as she attempts to trudge through memory lane.

The show will go up on Friday, June 14th, at 7 PM. There will be another night show at 7 PM on Saturday, and a matinee show on Sunday at 2 PM.

This show is directed by the wonderful David Peck, and admission will be $5; come and enjoy Waiting Room by Genesis Locke!