By: Kaitlyn Mackin

This year, the 10th annual Music Telethon that takes place at Frontier Regional was a success. It occurred on November 19th, 2018, before a live audience of 150people, along with an online viewing audience as it was streamed on FCATMEDIA. Donations of approximately $5,000 funneled in from both venues. These donations will enable the school’s music department to advance and grow. In fact, our own principal, Mr. Lanides, took part in the band! According to Mr. Sherrill, our band and chorus director, Mr. Lanides is an “excellent musician and brought a solid groove to the teacher band”, and he thinks everyone enjoyed it. When I asked how he felt our students would see someone with administrative authority participating in this kind of event as a performer, he responded with nothing but enthusiasm. He hopes students think it is “pretty cool to have a principal who can lay down the bass-line to “Under Pressure” on command,” and he hopes to see more people join the music program each year!