by Gabriel Williams

Spirit week has been a resounding tradition here at Frontier Regional High School. This year it will take place the week of October 8th and go through Friday, October 12th.

The program for the week will run as follows:

Tuesday, is Twin Day. On Twin Day pairs of people dress up identically. Wednesday is Pajama Day, which is self explanatory. Thursday is Costume Day which will serve as a tune up for Halloween. Lastly, on Friday, 12th graders will tastefully participate in Toga Day, where all other grade levels  will have a “blackout day.”

When I spoke to Ms. Ziomek, the coordinator of Spirit Week, she told me that, “This year’s spirit week is not really different from the past. Most kids love it for the combination of dressing up and ultimately for the games at the pep rally.”

The Student Council is organizing spirit week this year, so we have Frontier’s very own students putting it together. The Pep Rally which follows on Friday is only 45 minutes long. “It is hard to fit everything in that 45 minutes, but if you have it any longer it’ll be too much for everyone,” stated Ms. Ziomek.

There are several home games that Friday night, so the event is sure to get everyone pumped up for the games and will have everyone showing a lot of school spirit!

In addition, Frontier’s Homecoming is the Saturday right after Spirit week!

$5 at the door!