By Ashley Gochinski

Please be on the lookout for Frontier High School’s new cooking show! It will be hosted by our very own Adrian Dampier and it will be filmed and produced by Mr. Murphy. Although a name for the show hasn’t been chosen  yet, the two possibilities in circulation right now are “Cooking with Adrian,” or “Baking with Bandits”. This will be a cooking series with Dampier as the host and each episode will have a special co-host creating new recipes and trying them. They hope to start filming within the next two weeks and the series will be released sometime this school year. Many things about this series are still undecided, such as the release date, name, and if they want the episodes to come out all at once, or one at a time. When asked what people can look forward to when watching the show, Adrian commented, “Just friends having fun, just a good cooking show.”  This gives the show a very laid back, yet spontaneous style, due to the different co-hosts and different recipes planned for each episode. I also asked him what his hopes are for his cooking show, and he replied by saying, “That people watch it, people like it. If you have a bad tv show, people won’t watch it. I want to make it good.” The last question he was asked was what he hopes to get out of his cooking show, to which he responded, “some kind of recognition, so when applying for a job, they’ll think I know my stuff.”