By Maggie Glenowicz

So how do you summarize your entire high school career in writing? I think it’s pretty impossible. There’s so much more to high school than academics. There are people who have turned more into family members than friends and unbreakable bonds created by being part of a sports team that will never be forgotten. There’s Friday nights where you go out and live it up, and Friday nights where all you do is lay in bed because you feel like you haven’t slept in a week. There’s heartbreak and feeling butterflies and everything in between. It’s feeling young, crazy, and untouchable and sharing those feelings with people who have been by your side for years. Freshman year feels intimidating, Sophomore year feels awkward, Junior year feels stressful, but Senior year oddly makes you miss all of those feelings. It’s the worst form of nostalgia. A knot in your stomach.

It’s only January right now, the fifth month of my senior year, and “the lasts” are already occurring. My last first day of school. My last field hockey game played on my home field. My last Friday night football game. As these lasts were happening, I tried to hold onto the moments as long as I could and truly appreciate where I was and who I was with, in hopes I never forget them. Unfortunately, these lasts are far from over.

As for right now, I am going to enjoy every minute of my last year here at Frontier Regional. So far High School has been the best and worst time of my life. There’s crying over friends and dumb boys, fighting with people you love, gossip, people thinking they know everybody’s business, getting a bad grade, not getting enough sleep, and stress overloads. However, there’s also school spirit, sporting events, 1 am food runs to the diner, laughing with your best friends so hard your stomach hurts, parties that bring everyone together, teachers who get it, fun classes, prom, and so much more. I think the best part of High School is the spontaneousness. You could wake up one Wednesday morning and walk through those four doors and have the best day of your life up until that point. You just never know and that’s the beauty of it all. Yeah high school’s a roller coaster, but after everything I’ve experienced leading up to where I am now, I wouldn’t want it any other way.