RUN! The voice that is always present in our heads, now to the forefront as the race begins. As the old saying goes, “over hill, over dale, till we hit the dusty trail”.
In a recent interview with Grayson Young, Frontier Regional junior, and the girls cross country captain announces new members, says farewell to graduated seniors, explains how the team is going to improve, as well as team goals and their biggest meet. By improving times and perfecting run times during speed workouts, the Hawks will be ready for their regional meet in November. Goals for Grayson’s second to last season as a Red Hawk are to get more girls as well as guys more interested in cross country to hopefully get a bigger and stronger team in the coming years. With sports, work and extracurricular activities, the balancing act between them is putting school work first and making sure that you have enough time in the day to complete everything and not to procrastinate. With an overall  3-4 record, the Lady Hawks are ready for the November Regionals and hopefully a sweep at Western Mass, and with enough dedication they can be State Champs!