The Frontier field hockey team is trying to win yet another Western Mass title this year. The team may be young, but this determined group of girls already have an impressive record with only one loss to their rival the Greenfield Green Wave. Last year the Redhawks graduated eight seniors, six of them starters.This left a significant hole on the team, however, based on their record the girls are stepping up and succeeding in filling some pretty big shoes. During the team’s preseason, the Greenfield Recorder published an article giving an annual preview of the Hawks and other divisional teams’ upcoming seasons. The headline stated “ Frontier Three-Peat? Don’t count on it! ” Senior captain Celia Speth had a lot to say about this degrading statement, “Since this article was written by a Greenfield alumni, one might think the preview was biased. We are just as determined and hardworking, maybe more so than every other team. Each player comes to practice ready to work their hardest and prove to the doubters what we are capable of”, stated Speth. “I believe this season will end just as successfully as the past two years, with the help of our incredible coach Missy Mahar and the talent we have on this team.”

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