Robert Fuqua

Behind every student here at Frontier, there is a network of people they can rely on to follow their passion and further their achievements. If you wish to improve your writing—the vehicle for your academic success and your ability to communicate ideas on paper—consider adding the Frontier Writing Center to your support network. You will read the difference.

This year, directors Kate Demaio and Robert Fuqua have worked to provide Frontier with a group of highly qualified writing tutors to support you at any stage in the writing process. Our tutors—many of whom are seniors this year—have experience with the teachers and assignments that might prove challenging for you. Middle school students, high school students, and even faculty and staff are welcome to have their writing edited and improved at the Writing Center. Simply visit our website or ask Ms. Strelke, to schedule an appointment with any of our tutors. We will be happy to take the time to work on your sample with you. We provide a casual and low-stakes environment for your writing to flourish.

Some of your classes might even offer extra credit for visiting. At the Writing Center, we strive to provide an extra pair of eyes to review your work and have you feeling confident with any assignment. Don’t have a draft?

We will work with you wherever you are in your writing process, helping you outline and record your ideas in a way that works best for you.

In addition to revising and offering feedback, the Writing Center is a great tool for any students who struggle to write, who find it hard to express their ideas, or are not as confident in their English language skills and need an outlet to learn and grow.

Everyone is welcome at the writing center. We hope you take advantage of our many available sessions and the workshops we hold to assist you in everything from college applications to personal projects.

Coming up, we held a College Application Essay Writing Workshop on October 27th with former middle school English teacher Ms. Quimby, who now works in the Mount Holyoke College admissions office. As well as a Nanowrimo Workshop on October 25th to prepare for the upcoming National Novel Writing Month.

For details regarding these past programs or any other facilities of the Writing Center contact:

Directors Robert Fuqua and Kate DeMaio

Come Visit the Frontier Regional Writing Center!

You will read the difference.