Chris Penza

In a demonstration of civic duty, students from the AP Government class alongside Ms. Moore engaged in a project, in order to address a prominent issue at the school.

As part of their graduation requirements, these students identified the problem of litter in the student parking lot and took measures to tackle it. The objective of their project was to empower students to become engaged citizens and responsible community members. Recognizing the abundance of trash near student vehicles, the AP Gov students collectively purchased and placed several trash

barrels in the parking lot. They have also expressed their intention to secure a large recycling bin for the area, emphasizing the importance of waste reduction and environmental sustainability.

The impact of their initiative has been undeniably positive. Not only have these students implemented practical solutions by providing trash bins, but they have also shown creativity and enthusiasm. The students decorated the bins with decorations and created eye-catching posters to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our school clean. Ms. Moore has praised the students for their success in making a noticeable difference.

While acknowledging the progress made, she also encourages continuous improvement. In the future, Ms. Moore says they may shift the focus towards further enhancing recycling efforts. If you’re a junior taking AP Government next year, keep that in mind.