We asked a random gym class: What was your favorite part of the first semester?

Here are their answers:

  • “Christmas break.” -Eva Ferreira
  • “Did we have any other breaks, besides Christmas break?” -Iris Hill
  • “Watching Woman King in Walters and meeting my wife” -Zoe Ballou
  • “Working on my independent study.” -Thaddeus Conner
  • “I get to be in class with my friends.” -Tenzin Smith
  • “Yankee candle (not getting lost)” -Nikos Lanides
  • “Science class”
  • “Going around the school filming for video class and gym class” -Aiden H
  • “Lunch” -Max
  • “The Weekend” -Jack
  • “Gym class with Jesse and Liam” -Matt Gravs
  • “Being around wonderful teachers”
  • Seeing Matt’s cute face in gym class” – Jesse Dubreuil
  • “Foweniscs Science wiv Ms. Chapley” – Aiden Weis
  • “Watching Jesse stare at Matt’s face” – Liam