Kate Demaio and Kali Berthiaume

When asked about their bathroom passes every teacher here at Frontier Regional Highschool believed that they had the best one. We set out to put that to the test. We examined bathroom passes from 20 of the high school teachers at Frontier in an attempt to discover which one is the best. 

We rated the passes on three factors with one bonus point possible. The first factor was its ability to swing. When walking in the hallways students are often inclined to swing the bathroom pass around their hand, a good pass should be conducive to that, there was a maximum of three possible points for this category. The second factor was it’s aesthetic in relation to the teacher and classroom it was in with three possible points available. The third factor was the possibility of germs. If a pass is a cesspool for germs and is rarely washed it’s likely to score low on the germ tally with three possible points to gain. The final point that passes were able to gain was whether the teachers showed enthusiasm when we asked to look at their bathroom passes. 

Upon our research and with all of these factors taken into account the highest-scoring pass was Ms. Nelson’s Roman medallion. Scoring a total of the 10 possible points on the scale. Ms. Nelson’s medallion scored a 3 on swinging ability, with its sleek shape the medallion swings easily and poses no danger to passersby in the hallways. The medallion then scored a 3 on aesthetic as the pass relates to Ms. Nelson’s Latin, and her mythology classes. The medallion scored a 3 on its germ rating with the coin unlikely to hold germs on its smooth surface. The surface of the medallion is also easy to clean.  Ms. Nelson then scored a bonus point on enthusiasm for her pass, being enthusiastic about the article as well as happy to explain the nature of her pass. 

In the search for the best pass, the runner-up was Mr. Gonzalez’s jumbo skeleton, scoring a 2.5 on swinging ability, taking into account the dangers of its size. As well as a 3 on aesthetic, due to it relating to his anatomy class. The skeleton also scored a 2 on the germ scale due to it being made out of plastic but also containing nooks and crannies to possibly hold germs. Finally, Mr. Gonzalez scored a bonus point on enthusiasm, by encouraging us to go into the hallway and test the swinging ability of his skeleton. There was a lot of competition for the best hall pass at Frontier Regional, taking into account these complex factors. The final scores were very close with a mere .5 points being the difference between a winner and a runner-up. If rumors were a factor we scored on, Mr. Deane’s transformer might have taken the cake after it is alleged it was flushed down the toilet.