Miah McCoy

On November 28th, 2021 at Oxford High School in Michigan there was a school shooting. A 15 year old boy named Ethan Crumbley opened fire killing 4 students and injuring 7 other students. On Monday November 27th Ethan Crumbley made 2 video’s on his cell phone talking about shooting and killing students at his school. Four days before the shooting Ethan Crumbley posted the pistol he used to open fire at school on his private instagram account, “Just got my new beauty today. SIG SAUER 9mm,” Ethan said for the caption.

Before the shooting happened, Ethan Crumbley was called down to the office for his behavior in the classroom but the office also wanted to talk to him about what another student heard him say, when she described it as “disturbing”.Tuesday hours before the shooting, when Ethan went down to the office, talked with the school counselor as they called his parents as well, and then was free to go back to class. 

Soon after Ethan Crumbley went back to class he opened fire right outside the school bathroom. The principal said after watching the camera footage that Ethan walked through the hallway like nothing was going on and everything was normal. He opened fire on the kids in the hallway and in the classrooms he was walking near. The students hiding, running, and screaming in Oxford high school tried to do everything possible to help others and save their brown lives. 

A 17 year old boy named JoVan told CNN, “We put the table at the door, barricaded the door, and turned the lights off and hid under our desks.” JoVan called his father, whispering what was going on while JoVan’s little brother Jonet was at the same school but was able to escape. JoVan’s father said it was devastating to hear a phone call from my son like that. 

A 14 year old basketball player named Hana St. Juliana was shot during the shooting and passed away in Oxford High School. 17 year old Justin Shilling died Wednesday morning December 29th in the hospital. Madisyn Baldwin, 17 years old died Tuesday December 28th in Oxford High School. She was expected to graduate this year with several college’s waiting on a response from her but sadly can’t receive an answer from her. Lastly 16 year old football player Tate Myre also passed away on school grounds on December 28th.

Ethan Crumbley was taken to jail Tuesday the 28th. The police looked and called his parents but they were nowhere to be found. After hours of searching for them, police found them in a warehouse. The whole Crumbley family was taken to court but nothing will be decided till 2022. Some information that was important was that police found out that Ethan Crumbley’s gun was purchased by his father four days before the shooting, and in the journal in Ethan’s backpack that said, “desired to shoot up school and murder students.” Ethan’s parents pleaded not guilty for purchasing the pistol for their son and they claimed they did not know he was going to open fire at his school. Ethan Crumbley is charged 4 counts of first degree murder, and assult with intent to commit murder. The family are in the same jail but nowhere near each other.