Renee Hait

Understanding the issue of climate justice is more important now than ever before, especially considering all that is hanging in the balance. Things like coal plants, methane production, and other toxic facilities are major contributors to the massive amounts of greenhouse gasses being trapped within our planet’s atmosphere. These gases, like CO2, are the source of the current spike in global temperatures, also contributing to disasters like forest fires, floods, heat waves, and more. Along with having a lasting effect on the planet, it will also have a lasting effect on our civilization, especially in impoverished communities. 

Organizations like the NAACP have been working to eliminate harmful actions being taken on individuals and communities worldwide, and are fighting for policies which will right the wrongs that we have created. Without their contributions, and without ours, we soon will not have the option to reverse the harm that has been done to both the environment and communities everywhere. To take a step in the right direction, it’s important that we support organizations like the NAACP who aim to transition away from using fossil fuels and find a safer alternative that will still be proven effective. The use of these fossil fuels, still affecting human lives everywhere, mainly target people of color, low income, and indigenoius communities (University of Colorado Boulder Environmental Center). These communities are faced with health related issues, financial stress, social disruption, and other hardships. These people that are so greatly affected by this issue, and who experience the consequences, are often those who contribute to it the least. They do not have the resources to contribute to the problem, nor do they have the resources to adapt to it. Bringing this problem to light through outlets like the media is crucial to putting it to an end. Bringing awareness to this topic can allow for the development of a permanent solution, and will not only help communities in poverty, but will help us all.