Frontier has created a unified basketball team! The team was created as a part of the new unified league that was assembled by Kathy Lutz, Schools and Unified Sports Manager for Massachusetts Special Olympics. Unified basketball incorporates players from a certain region of all genders and ability levels onto the same team which then competes with other unified teams. Frontier has joined a league which is made up of teams from Frontier, Northampton, Holyoke, Chicopee, and Chicopee comp. The Frontier team’s coach this year is McKenzie Robinson, a current teacher at Conway Grammar School. Robinson played basketball at Hoosac Valley High School, and played college basketball at MCLA, where over 4 years she averaged 4.7 points per game, 2.7 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. In an interview with team captain Lila Santos, Coach Robinson was praised for her coaching ability. Santos explained how the team is currently mostly focusing on drills in practice, as Coach Robinson recognizes the need for early season skill development. There are two practices per week for the unified team, both roughly an hour and a half in length. Over the course of the season, the team will play five season games and a jamboree. Their first game will be sometime during the week of October fourth at Northampton High School. There are currently 13 players on the team, though enrollment is still open, so if you are interested in playing be sure to contact Mr. Cyr and sign up for the team on FamilyID. Most importantly, the first home game for the team will take place the week of October 11, so be sure to pack the house when the official game time comes out!