By Brooklee Pierce

Casefile is a true-crime podcast originally starting as a side project in 2016. Over the years, Casefile has since become an award-winning podcast and consistently ranking high on podcasting charts. Casefile currently has over 200 episodes and continues to release new episodes on Sundays with the exception of a break week. This chilling podcast goes over many different crimes ranging from abduction to serial killers. The anonymous host doesn’t only hook listeners, he is also able to create an image in listener’s heads through the many details he presents.

Casefile 187: Peter and Joan Porco, talked about a brutal ax attack on the night of November 15, 2004, in a small town outside of Albany NY called Delmar. On the morning of November 16th, Peter Porco woke up and went through his morning routine although he was badly injured. He was hit in the head and face the previous night with an ax leaving part of his brain unable to function. Peter was only able to go through his morning routine because the working part of his brain-controlled regular habits. He passed away before making it to work due to blood loss. When officials responded to the call from his coworker who went to check on him it was immediately investigated. Police only found one fingerprint throughout the entire house.

Joan Porco was still in bed when officials arrived also badly injured, but still conscious. In fear of her passing away police questioned her to which she answered by nodding and shaking her head. Police were able to get enough information from her to find their strongest suspect. Joans youngest son Christopher Porco.

 Christopher Porco had a great relationship with his parents growing up but lies were brought into the light after Joan’s accusation. Police found while investigating that Chris’s yellow jeep was there the night of the attack, and the only fingerprint found belonged to Chris. After gathering much more evidence against him, Christopher Porco was arrested and is eligible for parole in 2052. Joan Porco is still alive today after miraculously surviving emergency surgery. 
Casefile set up this episode in a straight-to-the-point manner, yet managed to keep listeners interested. The episode tells details slowly and clearly without adding any personal opinion. All episodes dive deep into the case presenting all information needed to clearly understand the case. Casefile is highly recommended as a must-listen by “Rolling stone” and “Times magazine” and can be found at as well as Spotify. Enjoy listening to more chilling true crime stories.