By: Isabelle Brown

Unless you have been living under an incredibly large rock for the past year, you would know that life has been vastly different than it typically is. This has presented a problem for, well, everything. 

Luckily, this year we were still able to have Spirit Week as a virtual event. Teams signed up to compete in some virtual challenges ranging from recreating album covers to answering trivia questions about Frontier Staff members. The isolated format was less than ideal, but hopefully, some of the new activities we came up with can be added to regular, in-person spirit weeks, in the future.

Some of our highlights from this year include some really creative album cover recreations and entertaining teacher dress up. We are also pleased to announce our winning teams: In 3rd place, we had Ayla Starr, Gabriel Solodky, Olivia Noyes, and Aiden Weis; in 2nd place, we had Patrice Moriarty, Nicole Plasse, Kate DeMaio, and Leah Gump; and in 1st we had Leo Franceschi, Genesis Locke, Aine Carey, and Julia Walkowicz. We would like to thank all teams so much for participating, because their entries were really quite enjoyable. 

The student council would also like to implore other students to consider joining us and helping us to plan future events of this nature. In addition to spirit week this year we were able to survey the students about their thoughts on online learning and meet with Mr. Lanides about the challenges and successes. If you would like to try to help the student council please reach out to Mrs. Ziomek in Guidance. It is a lot of fun and it really feels great to see an event that you’ve planned, such a spirit week, come together.