By Maddy Leone

This is not my first time in quarantine. About a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with whooping cough and asked not to come into contact with anybody. Nobody was allowed to come in or out of my house. My mother and sister had just left for a trip, which means I couldn’t see them, nor could I see anyone but my dad. This quarantine period lasted only four days but still.

This quarantine has been one heck of a ride since the beginning. Both my dad and I are at a higher risk for contracting the coronavirus then most people. This means that I am not really supposed to leave my property, even if I were to stay six feet apart from others and wear a mask. Only being able to virtually see my friends, or to see them doing things together when I cannot has taken a toll on my mental health. Humans are naturally social creatures, so prohibiting them from being social can drive many people crazy. For people who have mental health issues like depression or anxiety, these times are even harder because there is virtually no way of getting all the support they need. If you or someone else you know is struggling, please reach out to friends and maybe just a simple video call can help people feel more connected in quarantine. 

Some things I’ve been doing to keep myself busy are embroidery (keep in mind, my family refers to me as an elderly woman), reading the classics of literature, watching Jeopardy with my parents and trying to train my cat. I am lucky enough to have a large amount of land that I can use as an escape from my house. You can usually find me doing classwork on my patio when the weather is nice.