by Sofia Rossi

We are living in an unprecedented age, and our lives are changing as few could have ever predicted. Unemployment is skyrocketing, stores are closing, grocery stores are limiting their hours and the amount of customers they let in at a time, there are lines of people standing six feet apart. Doctors, nurses, food service workers and many more stand on the front line against an invisible enemy: Covid-19, Coronavirus. Meanwhile we, the anyman, must stay at home; our daily lives on pause for an indefinite amount of time as we silently fight what we cannot see, to protect those whose body cannot fight for itself. Whether those people are known to us or not is irrelevant, we fight for our country, we stand together and we stay apart. 

The students of  Frontier Regional School are staying away from 113 North Main Street. Most are remaining in their homes, others are necessary personnel, going to work and greeting their duties to society with grace and poise. Some are trying to find safe ways to see their friends, as they endure birthdays alone. The passing days seem strange, time feels different than it did before. Purpose is something no longer passively intertwined with  life but rather something dancing and weaving away from grasp, to be worked for, to be attained.

Here are the stories of some Frontier students, as they fight to find their purpose.