Natalie Dexter

(Fake News)

DEERFIELD, Massachusetts — Our investigative team interviewed a student, who wishes to remain anonymous, on the subject of the locker rooms. Attempts to speak with others rendered multiple students unable to answer questions and they had to be taken to the nurse, foaming at the mouth. “We knew that the locker rooms were this sort of no-go zone, but like, we have to change for gym,” said the anonymous student, shaking their head and biting their nails, “but now it’s starting to go too far. “

We followed the student through a tour of these infamous rooms. Unassuming and rather boring, they don’t seem to pose a threat. But the student shakily pointed out all the spots where mysterious events have gone down. “That’s the locker that no one ever uses because it smells awful. Like cheese.” We can confirm that the locker does indeed, smell like cheese. 

This might seems like a minor inconvenience. But then we really got into it. “The locker doors all slam three times right as the first lunch bell rings every day. I’ve got it a video on my phone.”

“Me and my friends have heard like, whispering noises in that shower stall and the water turns on if you ever try to use it.”

“Some times that door locks and we’ve gotten stuck in here for hours and missed all of our classes and sometimes even the bus. And it’s like no one even notices.”

“This is where a lot of us leave our shoes, and like, I can’t tell you how many pairs have gone missing. We’ve started locking all of our stuff in our lockers but that doesn’t always stop things disappearing. We’re told to like, take care of our stuff so it doesn’t get stolen but this isn’t other students. This is the Locker Room.” We interviewed some able students and were able to get some information on the vanishings of the socks and gym shoes. As of this date, none of these items have been returned.

We also heard wind of students gone missing along with the socks and gym shoes. They were all reportedly last seen in the locker rooms. Unfortunately, the anonymous student refused to give us much information and the school heads pushed us out of the room as soon as we mentioned it. The question still remains on these students’ whereabouts and what is being done to locate them.

After our tour of the locker rooms concluded and the student had recovered, they were able to leave us with one final statement.

“We’ve all kind of come to this one conclusion. The Locker Room is controlling everything, all of us.”