By Jakob Safford

Alma Mater Day is a day when teachers wear shirts/sweatshirts of a college they used to attend. Superintendent Mr. Modestow started the yearly tradition at Frontier Regional High School a few years ago because he says, “with such a large number of our graduates going on to attend two and 4-year colleges & universities, this small action of wearing a sweatshirt or tee can do so much”. Alma Mater Day encourages teachers and students to spark conversation with one another about potential future college choices. Mr. Modestow states “Students get an idea of the different paths their teachers have taken to get their education.” This day helps graduating students to get a feel for different colleges, learn more about a specific college, or hear of a new college for the very first time and who knows, they might be intrigued. Say, you were a graduating student and were interested in going to UMass Dartmouth and you saw your favorite teacher wearing a UMD shirt, would you not be intrigued to have a conversation with that teacher and ask potential questions like “How’s the campus?” or “Did you enjoy your time there?” 

The term “Alma Mater” actually means, “the school, college, or university one once attended.” And as you can imagine, Alma Mater Day can be a resourceful day and help students with college ambitions get a perspective on different colleges and learn more about them, and maybe even help them solidify their definitive choice of a school after graduation.