by Gabriel Williams

“The vaping phenomenon (trend) at Frontier seems to be increasing dramatically” says Nurse (Lisa) Winter.

The main effects of vaping can range from cancers due to the chemicals in the “juices,” to a condition called “popcorn lungs” which is caused from inhaling a higher ratio of the vapor to oxygen.

Vaping is achieved by using an electronic device that turns an oil based chemical “juice” into water vapor through an electrically heated charge. The resulting vapor is then inhaled into the lungs. There are several components that make this substance particularly concerning: the “juice” has added nicotine which makes it addictive; the device itself is small and looks like an extended USB which makes it easy to conceal even when using; and this product comes in multiple flavor options that are appealing to young teens (cool mint, cool cucumber, mango, etc.)

Popcorn lungs is a nickname for Bronchitis, which damages the smallest airways in your lungs and causes the “shortness of breath” feeling, makes you cough. You cannot get popcorn lungs from cigarettes, because it does not have the oils that vape juices have.

It’s common knowledge that devices such as juuls, phixx, box mods, smok badge, and dab pens, can all be hidden/found in student backpacks. Other places students stow these devices are in their shoes, socks, hats, sleeves, pockets, and waistbands.

Vice Principal Scott Dredge, said, “If a student were to get caught with a juul or a vape, the consequences they’d get are the same as if they brought in chewing tobacco, cigarettes, or a heroin needle.”